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Raku Firing 2012


Richard and Mark

Miriama glazing tea bowl during Raku event

UnPlugged X - After Party Jan S, John Vezner, Greg Wright

KGB performs at GM gallery 5/27/11

Liz Sivertson plays with KGB 5/27/11

John Gruber, Don Bauer

Peter Pestalozzi Fireside Chat 2/26/11

Pestalozzi Fireside Chat 2/26/11

Betsy Bowen Oct 23 2010

Betsy Bowen Book Signing

Trollbead Trunk Show GM Oct 2,2010

Happy Rakuers

Chatting while waiting for tea bowls to fire.

Rick Allen Book Signing Sept.25

Marian Lansky Rick Allen

Would you buy a book from them???

2010 Fishermen's Picnic Parade

Fishermen's Picnic Parade Aug 8

Sivertson Gallery celebrating 30 years!

Howard Sivertson, 80 years young

Howard Sivertson 80th Birthday Party

Carol D in Howard "colors"""

Gallery owner, Jan Sivertson

Party Goers

The "Kinder

Don B, John G of "KGB"" Playing for Howard's BD party"

Thelma H, Howard

There was dancing!

Sivertson Gallery

Earth Day 2010

Earth Day

Earth Day 2010

Music for Earth Day Gallery Hoppers

Thirsty Pagans

Earth Day 2010

Art Lovers of all ages ~ Earth Day

Nick Wroblewski Fireside Chat 2010

Sivertson Gallery

Sivertson Gallery

Kari & Polly Inuit Premiere 2010

Lee, Jan, Lucy Inuit Premiere 2010

Lydia Etok & Nina Segalowitz Throat Singing

Nina & Lydia on WTIP Radio

Nina on WTIP

Mark Tessier Fireside Chat

Mark Tessier


Mark Tessier

John Weber winner Fireside Chat drawing

Adam Reef Fireside Chat 2010

Adam with winner of drawing

Jan Sivertson intros Rick Allen

Rick Allen Fireside Chat

Sivertson Gallery

Rick Allen & Janelle Miller

Demonstrating metal shaping.

Kelly Jean explaining

Nick Wroblewski Fireside Chat, Feb. 2, 2008

Nick demonstrated reduction process.

Artists ~talk amongst themselves

Neil Sherman

Howard Sivertson Feb 14 09

Jonasie Faber Carving Demo

Nina & Lydia on WTIP

Ohito Ashoona Carving Demo

Throatsinging Demo

9th Annual Inuit Premiere

Jonasie Faber

Jan Sivertson learning throatsinging

Enthralled by stonecarving demo

Leslie Boyd Ryan, Ohito Ashoona - Fireside Chat

Drum Dancing opens Inuit Premiere - Ohito Ashoona, Lynda Brown, Emily Kotierk

Leslie Boyd Ryan, Lynda Brown, Lucy H.

Howard Sivertson Book Signing

Artists Ann Jenkins & Rick Allen at Solstice party

Artist Faith Lowell - Solstice 2008

Howard Sivertson ~ Solstice Party 09

Meredith Johanson ~ Solstice Party

Neil Sherman ~ Solstice Party

Howard Sivertson Fireside Chat SRO crowd

Bette, Dave Gilsvik, Tim Cochrane

Heeees Baaaccckkkk!

Artists Elaine Sivertson, Howard Sivertson, Ann Jenkins at Solstice party-Grand Marais

Michael Sweere Fireside Chat 09

Michael Sweere Fireside Chat

Michael Sweere Q & A

Jan Sivertson introduced Howard to kick off 2008 Fireside Chats

Liz Sivertson Solstice 09

Marian Lanski & Betsy Bowen ~ Solstice 2008

Rick Allen in the Media for Earth Day 2008

Live Music in Duluth for Earth Day

Signing up for the Rick Allen Drawing

Choosing the Perfect Print

Rick Allen Answers Questions

Rick Allen & Jan Sivertson Visit with Gallery Friends

Raku with Richard Gruchalla, Carrin Rosetti Oct 2, 2010