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Rita Morris & Barry Sands

Rita Morris & Barry Sands

Rita grew up surrounded by clay in a family of ceramicists, yet she loved to draw and paint and chose to follow that path for many years.  She went to the University of Minnesota where she received a BFA in Drawing and Painting. She also studied at the University of Washington and received a Certificate Degree in Natural Science Illustration. After college she continued to paint and draw, while also pursuing her interests in farming and floral design.

Recently returning to her roots in ceramics, the culmination of all of her experience was finally able to be expressed onto clay. Pottery has given her a special place to actualize her talents.

Rita met Barry twenty two years ago when he was a young production potter working with her father. The two of them fell out of touch with each other as they both followed different paths.

Barry found clay in high school in Florida and was fortunate to go a school that had an exceptional ceramics program. With the help of his professor, Mike Lalone, he fell in love with clay. After several years of production throwing, he left the trade. Barry went on to be a carpenter and work in the home building and remodeling trades. Starting over, he began as a laborer and eventually built skill sets in custom carpentry, tile and painting. Throughout the years, he never lost the desire to work in ceramics again.

Reunited, Rita and Barry are collaborating with clay, reconnecting with a medium that allows them to create meaningful work that people can use and enjoy.