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Dan & Frances Hedblom

The art of flame painting is a unique process of torch work that causes a chemical reaction turning the copper into beautiful colors. There are no chemicals, paints, or stains used in the process of bringing out the colors in the copper. The process was originally taught to us by Judy and Dave Hedblom of Claymoon Copper.  Hedblom’s artwork is sealed through a process called powder coating which prevents the copper from further patina while also offering a UV protectant so that it may be displayed in the sun.


Designs are done by both Frances and Dan and sometimes take many months of work to come up.  Frances, with no prior experience with a torch, has found she has a true talent through many hours or practice and work. What makes this copper art stand alone is the unique curved frames done by Dan with his 20 years of woodworking and carpentry experience. By combining both of their talents as a team we are able to design and create our artwork.