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Kari Vick


Kari Vick is a printmaker who uses the intaglio techniques of copperplate etching, aquatint, drypoint, engraving and solar plate. Taking part in the renaissance of Intaglio printmaking, she creates limited edition original prints using non-toxic techniques only recently formulated. Her work reflects a fascination with the storytelling capability of visual art.


Living alongside the flora & fauna of the north shore of Lake Superior Ms. Vick savors chance encounters in nature. “It’s so easy to miss the raven who seems to want me to notice the sprig of berries he proudly displays.  Keeping still and aware invites him in. I try to capture these moments, some playful, others profound, in my imagery.”


For over twenty-five years, Ms. Vick has worked with artists who use their art to narrate their own stories; Howard Sivertson, captures the history of the north shore on canvas, or the late Ahnishnaebae artist, Roy Thomas, whose teachings are found in his Birchbark paintings. Ms. Vick specializes in the indigenous artists of North America including Canadian Inuit sculpture & printmaking, Alaskan Inupiat & Yupik carving, and Northwest Coast Totems. Inspired by narrative themes found in common throughout the world’s cultures, she explores the legends of her own Scandinavian heritage and beyond.


Kari Vick writes & creates in her studio in Lutsen as well as the print studio at the Grand Marais Art Colony.