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Nancy Seaton

My life on the Gunflint Trail has provided focus and fuel for my work as a watercolor artist. In my paintings I try to capture the joy and tranquility found while exploring the forests and intimate places of the North Woods near my home at the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. The fragile beauty of wildflowers, insects and colorful berries are my favorite subjects. The intricacies of a dragonfly wing or a mouse’s view of a twinflower are typical of the perspective I try to share. Seeing the magnificent in the simple things nature provides us is a joy for me. My goal is to transfer the essence of that feeling to paper.


I have been able to get back into the studio recently after a period dominated by my other life as a mother, canoe outfitter and volunteer. Running Hungry Jack Outfitters with my husband, raising two boys and helping out with community projects have filled much of the time I used to spend at my art table. Now that my boys are both in school I have found a little more time and energy to paint.


I began exploring my technique of watercolors on vellum paper while a student at St. Olaf College. Originally, it was an attempt to bring the transparent qualities of blown glass, a medium I was working in at the time, to paper. I paint on both sides of the vellum and on some works I used two layered sheets. This creates the unique spatial characteristics.


I hope that my work can bring you into the forest where you’ll find the time to stop and enjoy the quiet, color and beauty that can only be found in such wild places.